Civilization: the six killer apps of western power

Civilization: the six killer apps of western power

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Civilization: Is the West History. The work ethic: HOW western religious ideas brought it all together. 1139 руб. is a 2011 British TV documentary that tells how Western civilization, in five centuries, transformed into the dominating civilization in the world. Presented by Niall Ferguson, the show reveals the killer apps of the West s success - competition, science.

He attributes this divergence to the West s development of six "killer apps" largely missing elsewhere in the world - "competition, science. Do we still have these winning tools, he asks. 4.

0 out of 5 starsNiall Ferguson - The killer "apps" or cultural arrogance. Civilization: The Six Kil. Or is another power about to triumph. you decide.

Top Customer Reviews. has been added to your Basket. Sciense: How innovation gave the West the military edge.

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